Top Ten Tuesday – Games with Giant Robots

Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s love letter to Japan’s famed Kaiju monster and giant mecha films and anime, was a powerful film that I enjoyed every minute of. While the campy script and paper-thin characters resulted in a third place domestic box office finish, I can’t argue with giant robots fighting massive aliens in some of the most jaw dropping fun I’ve seen all year.

Pacific Rim

Of course, the logical continuation is to consider how a film like Pacific Rim ties into gaming with an incredibly obvious answer: there’s nothing wrong with giant robots in games. The allure of piloting a massive mech has been a constant theme in gaming so this list pays homage to those giant exo-suits of destruction.

A few things to note. Firstly, this list only has pilotable mechs, so Metal Gear has been notably left off. Secondly, I expect Titanfall to be in serious consideration for the top of this list, just not yet. Finally, I’ve limited the list to only franchises with one particular title highlighted, mostly because I don’t want a list dominated by just Armored Core or Mechwarriors.

10. Omega Boost

Omega Boost

Believe it or not, Polyphony Digital used to make more than just Gran Turismo. Launched late in the original Playstation’s lifetime, Omega Boost was a blur of a game that had incredibly fast gameplay running at an unheard of 60 fps all featuring an incredibly nimble mech that would jet around narrow corridors and open spaces while launching an arsenal of missiles. It was simple, it was gorgeous, and it was a great way to blow through a few hours. Continue reading