Twitch & Sony Need to Rethink Their Livestreams

One of the neat features of the new consoles is the built in ability to livestream gameplay through services like The typically gaming related livestream service has spiked in usage thanks to the popularity of competitive gaming, Let’s Play video series and video game talk shows, ala YouTube.


But when combined with the generally harmless Sony Playroom, all sorts of shenanigans occurred. An unsuspecting bonus application, Playroom works with augmented reality with the PlayStation Camera by displaying dozens of spawnable robots by visually tracking the controller (with the remnants of PS Move technology). Unfortunately, when given a camera, humans have a tendency to misbehave. Naked.

What was supposed to be a way to share experiences with other communities, devolved to the point where users were stripping naked and even having sex on camera. While I’m not one to discourage another’s interests, whatever they may be, such profane acts are clearly not what Twitch or Sony had in mind, not to mention clearly against the Terms of Service.

I Don't Know What I Expected

But it’s not the first time this has happened. YouTube has certainly had its share of videos expunged for inappropriate content, there have been numerous livestreamers caught exposing themselves and there’s the ever dangerous chat roulette. Even Microsoft had to deal with a bit of banning nude gamers using the Xbox Camera to show their junk during games of Uno.

Twitch has stated they will only allow gaming related content on their service and that any Playroom based feeds must stay on the topic of games. I’m sure they’ll still have to ban a few dicks (figuratively and literally) sometime down the road.

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