Editor’s Note: Gambitcon E3 Coverage

Just a friendly reminder that I am also writing for Gambitcon.com and have been posting there during and after last week’s E3 convention. I will return here with some more long-form pieces, but for now, please head over to Gambitcon.com and have a read.


Theory Flaw & Gambitcon – Editor’s Note


I am excited to announce that I have joined Gambitcon, a new website with dedicated and talented writers, bloggers and video creators as a news editor. Launched in August of this year, Gambitcon focuses on geek entertainment with topics ranging from film, television, anime and my forte, video gaming. The staff is comprised of a truly international group of focused individuals, who all share a passion for all things geek entertainment.

As news editor I am free to write about any topic of my choosing and will be providing the same style of news that I have been writing for years. I will also be providing short-form reviews and opinion pieces and taking part in any growth that Gambitcon experiences in the future.

As far as this blog is concerned, nothing will change dramatically. There will be a bit of overlap as I will post similar if not direct copies of my work for Gambitcon. My long form reviews will remain an exclusive to this blog as Gambitcon uses a short form review format.

I look forward to seeing the audience of both Theory Flaw and Gambitcon grow and am doubly enthusiastic about joining a growing, talented team. Thank you to everyone who have supported this blog over the years and I hope to see you over at Gambitcon.

Highest of Fives


Christopher “Ris”