Final Fantasy XV Opens TGS with new trailer, new director

Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV for the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. While Noctis still refuses to show much personality, we are given a glimpse of FFXV’s open world nature, combat with soldiers, beasts, Noctis’ cool teleporting sword and a black convertible with suicide doors.

All in all it is a well produced trailer, that provides just enough substance to pique my interest a tad. I’ll be honest, I had almost zero faith in Final Fantasy XV being a game I would be interested in. The terrible development time coupled with the awkward shift from Versus XIII to XV had cast a lot of doubt on the product being any good. The fact that it exists in a mostly playable state and looks pretty spectacular at that is enough for me to put it back on the radar.

In addition to the trailer, Square Enix announced that Tetsuya Nomura would no longer be serving as director of FFXV. Nomura is already one of Square Enix’s highest profile directors and he will be refocusing his efforts on his other major game, Kingdom Hearts III, among other projects.


Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy Type-0, will assume the role of director for FFXV. Tabata’s work on the 2011 PSP relese of FF Type-0 was well received, even on a portable handheld that was essentially dead. The game was so well received (and subsequently not released internationally) that it will be getting an HD remaster for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March of 2015 (March 17 for North America).

Oh, and to bring things full circle, a demo of Final Fantasy XV will be included with Type-o HD.

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Top Ten Tuesday E3 2013 Edition – Biggest News to Come Out of the Pre-Show Presentations

E3 officially begins today, as the show will open to denizens of reporters (not named Theory Flaw) ready for terrible food, hourly deadlines and product demos galore. But while many games will get their moment of glory in the coming days, the major players have already opened their hands for heads-up poker. Franchise reboots, new exclusives, new consoles and product strategy highlight this list of the biggest news to come out of the pre-show presentations.

10. Crimson Dragon

I had to try my hardest not to write Dragoon because this is clearly designed in the vein of the stellar dragon riding series Panzer Dragoon. Even bringing back Panzer Dragoon series director Yukio Futatsugi this Kinect based Xbox One game features massive bosses and gorgeous dragon-borne aerial combat. While I fear it may play a little too closely to Child of Eden, this is clearly a bold move by Microsoft.

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