Xbox One Dominates Black Friday Weekend Sales

Xbox One Assassin's Creed UnityMicrosoft’s aggressive price drop promotion appears to finally be paying off for the Washington based tech giant. According to a sales tracking study conducted by InfoScout, Xbox One sales made up over half of the consoles sold over the largest American shopping weekend.

Bundles of the Xbox One were already slashed by $50 leading into the Black Friday weekend, but the special promos got even sweeter with an additional $20 off at many retailers on top of offering big bundled deals for those purchasing the console.

Despite selling with Assassin’s Creed: Unity, a game whose flaws were well documented, the Assassin’s Creed Xbox One Bundle with Unity and Black Flag led the way at pretty much every major U.S. retailer. According to InfoScout’s sales tracking data, the Xbox One held a 53% share of the Black Friday sales compared to the Sony PlayStation 4’s 31%.

Nintendo, despite having a fairly solid offering of the Super Mario 3D World bundled Wii U and a mere week removed from the launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, mustered up a disappointing 6%. Numbers that were even beaten by the Xbox 360 at 9%.

I had the chance to see the sales first hand with many customers carrying boxes and boxes of Assassin’s Creed bundled Xbox Ones at my store. Although the PlayStation 4 GTAV bundle was a popular item as well, customers flocked to the Xbox One priced at $329.99, a sweet spot for many consumers.

The Xbox One’s deals continued to push hard all weekend long, including Microsoft selling the console at the same price of $329.99 and throwing in a free game for Cyber Monday, including the incredibly well received Dragon’s Age: Inquisition as an option.

While Sony certainly caught everybody’s attention by jumping out to the early sales lead, Microsoft is no where near giving up this fight. With more units in gamers’ hands, both companies have the opportunity to really push their exclusives next year to secure a foothold in this very interesting console race. Because when both of the top companies are competing as hard as Sony and Microsoft, the ones who win are the consumers.

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