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Midweek Timewaster: Paul Johnson’s Animated TIE Fighter Short

This fan-made TIE Fighter themed animated short is just the type of ’80s-anime-styled creation that gets my blood pumping. Created by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, the short is a fantastically well created piece of work that took him four years to make on the free weekends that he had. Give it a watch and a favorite, it’s fantastic stuff.

Spider-Man Finally Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Film in 2017

Amazing Spider-ManSony Pictures and Marvel Studios have finally struck a deal to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel film universe, beginning with a new feature length film to release July 28, 2017. The rumor had long been swirling around the two entertainment powerhouses after the internal communications were leaked following the Sony Pictures email hack of 2014. The new Spider-Man film will most likely be a reboot, marking the third time Sony will have visited Spider-Man’s origins in less than 20 years. The biggest news in the new deal is that plans are set in motion to integrate Spider-Man into the Marvel film universe, possibly hinting at team-ups with The Avengers or even as a potential player in the upcoming Civil War storyline.

Spider-Man’s film production, distribution and sales have long been under the control of Sony Pictures and have been a relative bright spot in their film catalogue. Despite the studio’s missteps and the subpar performance of The Amazing Spider-Man films at the box office, Spider-Man has been an asset to Sony, giving them a reliable tentpole title during the summer and by far the most popular superhero in their native country of Japan.

Marvel had been trying to find ways of integrating many of their franchises back into their Marvel universe, especially after the studios’ purchase by Disney allowed them to make films with incredible budgets. While the relationship between Marvel and 20th Century Fox has been notoriously bad (Fox controls X-Men and The Fantastic Four), Sony has always been neutral when it came to their use of Spider-Man.

In this arrangement, Sony will still retain all the rights as a studio for distribution and sales, but Marvel will have input in the creative process with the idea of creating the connected experience that fans have adored following the success of the Avengers Initiative. Spider-Man will again be recast, after being previously played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Hopefully the new Peter Parker will be somewhere between the loveable awkwardness of Maguire with the campy wit of Garfield.

To make room for the newest addition to the Marvel universe, several previously announced films will be shifted away from the next Spider-Man’s release date. Thor: Ragnarok was originally penciled in at that exact date but will now shift to November 3, 2017. Thor’s move pushes Black Panther from November 3 up to July 6, 2017. Two more films will get shifted with The Inhumans moving to 2019 and Captain Marvel moving to 2018.

Spider-Man has a very high chance of making an appearance in next year’s Captain America: Civil War as Spider-Man is a crucial player in the comic books, actually being stuck in the middle between Captain America and Iron Man. The timing feels very right for this arrangement after Sony was left stressed out about Spider-Man’s future following the disappointing performance of Amazing Spider-Man, unsteady leadership and decisions whether or not a Avengers’ like spin-off universe for Spidey was possible.

The Sinister Six had been teased by Sony following The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but with the new deal it remains to be seen if those plans will see immediate fruition.

Whatever happens, Spider-Man belongs to be at the forefront of any Marvel movement, especially something as complex as the Civil War. I doubt Fox will ever be willing to follow suit, but it would be great if we could see the X-Men back as well.

Variety – Spider-Man Returns to Marvel; New Moving Coming in 2017

A Tribute to Monty Oum

Rooster Teeth uploaded an amazing tribute to their compatriot, the late, great Monty Oum.

It’s hard to say why he was so inspiring. A lot of it has to do with the fact that he was one of us. A dedicated gamer and otaku who loved what he did and found incredible success believing in his abilities. I feel like we were lucky to bear witness to a talent, who was really just scratching the surface of his potential.

Rooster Teeth Animator Monty Oum has Passed Away

Monty OumMonty Oum, one of Rooster Teeth’s most prolific animators, passed away Sunday, February 1, 2015.

Oum became hospitalized late last month after suffering a severe allergic reaction to medications that rendered him comatose. Oum was unable to recover and passed away ten days later, despite efforts from family, friends, colleagues and fans. A GoFundMe campaign was set up in his name to support his hospital care where the initial $50,000 goal was tripled over the span of 3 days. A goal that was tripled before news of his passing ever broke. The GoFundMe campaign is still accepting donations that will go towards his family, which include his wife, Sheena.

Oum became internet famous after creating his Haloid video on Game Trailers in 2007. Haloid featured character models of Halo’s Master Chief and Metroid’s Samus Aran, fighting in an all-out, sci-fi, martial arts battle. He figured out how to take the models from Halo 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee to create the video and had a natural knack for visual flair and spectacle. Haloid would become Game Trailers’ most successful user created video with over 4 million views.

Oum would follow up his Haloid success by creating the multi-part Dead Fantasy series, which pitted Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive characters against each other, a true fanboy’s dream. Oum created five full episodes, two spin-off music videos and a preview for an eighth episode. While he always teased continuing the series as it grew, Oum would find success as a professional animator by working on major music videos for Mariah Carey and Girls Generation and eventually found employment at Rooster Teeth where he became lead animator and creator of RWBY, a series that he won a Streamie award for.Oum’s videos came back when I was working at my college’s newspaper and I remember being mesmerized by the quality of his work. Yes he was creating absolute fantasies, but they were incredibly well made fantasies. What guy in his 20s didn’t want to see Kasumi and Yuna go at it. Oum was very much a pioneer in the world of video creation, a man who was able to find success on an uncharted path.

Oum is survived by his wife Sheena, his father Mony, his brothers Woody, Sey, Chivy and Neat, and his sisters Thea and Theary. He was 33 years old.

GoFundMe – Monty Oum Medical & Family Support


What year is it?

Talk about your extended absences.

I’ve managed to go dark on everything gaming related following my trip to Mecca Tokyo. While not intentional, I found it difficult to come back with a robust post. There has been a ton of news that I’ve been chomping at the bit to write about, but alas, sometimes life just gets in the way.

But from dreaming about that Tokyo skyline and recovering from a fairly solid E3, gaming news is as alive as ever and it is my duty to hear about news, regurgitate it and offer my opinion.

Whether you like it or not.



Tokyo Bound

Hatsune Miku Wing Shop

Excited to finally be taking a trip to Tokyo and it is looking like this is a solid trip to take. Not only has the Kit-Kat Chocolatory had its grand opening in Ikebukuro, but digital Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku has her own pop-up shop at the Haneda Airport.

I’m actually flying in via Haneda and am looking forward to a trip filled with adventures in dining, exploration and shopping. High on my list is a trip to Akihabara where I will be hunting down some retro consoles and accessories and looking to play a few rounds of Dead or Alive 5 Arcade.

I’ll be sure to post photos and a few words when I return next week.