Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman Join the Fray in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham KnightColor me interested.

I have been on the record in my desire to dive into Rocksteady Studio’s take on Batman, beginning with the incredibly well received Arkham Asylum. After watching the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, I just may have to expedite that gameplay up a bit.

The premise of playing as the caped crusader was always just enough to pique my interest, but add in a little Catwoman, some Robin and a lot of Nightwing? Now I’m in. After the tepid reception to the non-Rocksteady entry of Arkham Origins, Rocksteady seem to be ready to atone for that slight misstep. Batman will be joined by his compatriots in a revamped battle system that will include combo attacks with his partners. Those Nightwing attacks just look spectacular.

While the world building and militaristic state of Arkham is a little too hard to swallow without context, Rocksteady has built their reputation around the clever and taut combat system in their Batman games.

Oh, and did I mention the preorder bonus is Harley Quinn?


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