Inside Gaming Returns With a Familiar Face

Matt DannevikIt’s been two months since the old Inside Gaming team parted ways with Machinima leaving the channel silent and devoid of the updates and sarcasm that Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene and crew provided daily. The team has since gone on to create Funhaus over with at Rooster Teeth, a match the fits surprisingly well for all parties involved.

But what of Inside Gaming? I had grown fond of the channel years ago when it evolved from a weekly show to Inside Gaming Daily and felt a void without an almost Daily Show esque gaming news delivery program.

Enter Matt Dannevik, the former co-host of the Inside Gaming Daily who stepped up to work the show alongside Adam Kovic back in 2012. I loved the synergy between Kovic and Dannevik and really appreciated his straight faced silliness that seemed to compliment Kovic actually trying to work. But I kid. Dannevik has since become an industry veteran working freelance editorials as well as becoming editorial producer at Polaris. All this after Machinima let him go as part of a massive restructuring at the end of 2012.

Where this puts Inside Gaming remains to be seen, but he has an surprisingly eloquent analogy of his place claiming to be a stepfather that just wants to be loved. Dannevik had a big role in making Inside Gaming big enough for it to survive Machinima’s purge and he is the perfect person to lead the next iteration of the program.


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