Club Nintendo’s End Around the Corner

Club NintendoA friendly reminder to those sitting on registration codes for Nintendo products that Club Nintendo’s last day to earn points is Tuesday, March 31. For those doing the math, that is roughly a week before Nintendo no longer accepts registrations and surveys. The last date to redeem earned coins will be June 30, 2015.

As Nintendo is closing the doors to its Club Nintendo rewards program, users are recommended to use those points to get up to the program’s Gold and Platinum statuses. Although Nintendo is planning to create a successor to their popular rewards program, they have not announced what the program will be and how it will differ from Club Nintendo’s format. Nintendo has also phased out older registration codes, rendering many old DS and Wii titles worthless when it comes to earning reward points. Only the very popular titles remain from their older systems.

Sending off Club Nintendo with a bang, Nintendo is offering some of their better rewards in recent years with coin redemption for dozens of digital download games for the Wii, DSi, Wii U and 3DS systems. Paired with a stronger than usual physical selection of goods, including some nice Legend of Zelda themed items, they certainly have made the prospect of burning those coins a little easier. I personally have my eye on the Legend of Zelda 3DS pouch as well as a digital copy of Star Fox 64 3D, though I doubt I will earn enough coins in a week.

In the past, Nintendo has offered free rewards to those who hit Gold and Platinum levels. While they have yet to announce if those rewards are still in play, I suspect that they will remain true to their word, before Club Nintendo rides off into the sunset.

Hopefully Club Nintendo’s successor will have better integration with their online store as much of Nintendo’s activity lately seems to indicate their desire to finally implement a universal account system. Maybe Club Nintendo Mk. 2 will have built in registration to systems registered to users and all that is needed to be done is fill out surveys and subscribe to a few email lists. After all, it is just bonus goods.

Club Nintendo – Important Information on Club Nintendo Program Discontinuation


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