Reloaded Games Digs Hawken Out of the Grave

HawkenPlayers worried that the independently developed mech-focused arena shooter Hawken was being left to rot can breathe a little easier hearing that Reloaded Games has acquired the game and will be supporting it moving forward. Reloaded Games previously found success in resurrecting the dead in the water MMO All Points Bulletin by redeveloping the game as a free-to-play title and re-releasing it as APB: Reloaded.

Originally developed by Adhesive Games and published by Meteor Entertainment, Hawken quickly became an indie darling thanks to its spectacular visuals, unique aesthetics and straight forward presentation. The fact that a small team of independent developers were behind the game quickly pushed the title into the limelight as they went into a beta test in December 2012.W

While Hawken was off to a strong start with a lot of groundswell leading up to its closed beta. But with many players on the outside wanting in and a quiet line of communication remaining mum on news of an open beta, the game eventually hobbled its way onto the Steam Early Access program. When Hawken finally hit Steam Early Access in February 2014, slews of players signed up for the free-to-play shooter that they had heard so much about but it quickly became evident that Adhesive and Meteor were in over their heads. Bug reports went unaddressed, password reset requests unanswered and redemption of credits were erroring out. Even the game’s social media pages went dark in the summer.

The game’s Facebook page suddenly sprang to life after 9 months of inactivity, resulting in the announcement that Reloaded Games had acquired the development and production of the game. The game even kicked in a Twitch campaign reminding players that the game had not gone anywhere and is ready to play now.

I enjoyed my brief foray into Hawken early last year and have been wanting to get back into it. Maybe with an influx in the player community and reaffirmed support from Reloaded, Hawken can become the game we all wanted it to be.

Destructoid – Rise from your grave! Hawken might not be dead after all


2 thoughts on “Reloaded Games Digs Hawken Out of the Grave

  1. I’ve gotta say as a game player, that your opposition blends in a little too well with the background. Piles of metal standing in front of piles of metal. I love old school, clunky mech games, that’s just what I grew up on. The game looks fantastic, but now that I’m older, I don’t get the sense of joy destroying metal. It still looks good and agile.

    • Yeah, I noticed that use of color is not one of Hawken’s strong points. Just grey on grey on more grey. I personally liked the speed and just the feel of the suits.

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