Homeworld Remastered Now Available

Homeworld Remastered CollectionHomeworld Remastered Collection, Gearbox Software’s high definition remaster built for modern PCs, launched today, Wednesday February 25 to the tune of $34.99. In commemoration of the launch, Gearbox unveiled a launch trailer set to the tune of Sail by AWOLNATION.

The trailer feels more at home with their flashy, boldly fonted videos they create for their Borderlands franchise than it does with the traditionally more thoughtful Homeworld franchise. It is, after all, a game that is often associated with Barber’s Adagio for Strings in one of the most orchestrated, thoughtful openings of the late ’90s.

Homeworld Remastered is of course, Gearbox’s love letter to the often requested 3D Real Time Strategy title created by Relic Entertainment. The visuals have been overhauled to support modern, high definition displays with plenty of new textures. The Gearbox team took a calculated approach to Homeworld, attempting to meet what players’ memories and imaginations recall when thinking about the original PC game.

Compared side by side, Homeworld has certainly come a long way and I adore all the new textures and new details that can be found throughout the remaster. It is a game whose mechanics have aged remarkably well, with proper visuals built to allow the stellar gameplay to thrive. This is how you revive a franchise.


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