Charlie Nash Officially Unveiled in Street Fighter V, Beta Announced

Street Fighter VHis iconic glasses were teased at the end of last year’s Capcom Cup trailer, Capcom officially revealed Charlie’s new look in a trailer released today.

Speculation had run rampant as to what happened to Charlie (known in Japan as Nash), especially after a bright jewel shone in his forehead in last year’s tease. The long-assumed-dead compatriot of Guile appears to be some form of alive and dead in a now confirmed, cyborg-Charlie, complete with Kano style metal plate and Bionic Commando arm. The sizzle trailer showcased a ton of new movement for Charlie, including dashes and teleportation moves, a first for a traditionally slower, charge-type character. Whatever happened to Charlie, seems to have affected his play style to be more than a Guile mirror.

Capcom also unveiled their plans for Beta access on both the PC and PS4 platforms. Pre-ordering the game will automatically grant access to the beta, which should include cross play between PC and PS4. It is being billed as an ambitious project and certainly involving both fanbases should make things interesting.

Concluding the trailer was a tease for a certain psycho-powered warlord, but I’m sure there will be more on that later.

PlayStation.Blog – Street Fighter V: Nash Returns, Online Beta Plans


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