Atari Making New Asteroids MMO and Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Asteroids OutpostIn news that should probably be made up but isn’t, Atari is working on an Asteroids MMO for the PC. Titled Asteroids: Outpost, the MMO will be open world and have gameplay mechanics surrounding a concept of survival.

Atari certainly has their bases covered as Asteroids: Outpost will feature all the major buzzwords in today’s most popular open world games: Survival mechanics, mining, crafting, exploration, base building, base defense and maybe even a little asteroid blasting. So clearly we’ve got some Rust, Minecraft, Clash of Clans style inspiration pulling for the new game. All you need are a few zombie hordes and this will have every Venn diagram covered.

I guess 2015 is as good a year as any to bring a new entry to a 30 year old franchise. Who knows if the game will be any good but expect it to appear on Steam Early Access.

No word on whether the game will feature exclusive twin stick controls.

Polygon – Atari’s new Asteroids game is nothing like Asteroids — it’s a sandbox survival game


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