Inside Gaming Parts Ways With Machinima

Inside Gaming DailyInside Gaming, long a staple of Machinima’s YouTube video offerings, will be parting with the company after their latest video. The daily news program as it exists now was largely created by host Adam Kovic and survived the massive Machinima layoffs as well as a reformatting with new staff members like co-host Bruce Greene.

The staff was quick to assure their followers that they would be remaining together as a team but have yet to announce what their next move will be. Whether they retain the Inside Gaming name remains to be seen, but odds are that their brand of humor will remain intact.

I have long been a fan of the Inside Gaming team’s brand of off-kilter news delivery, rote with sarcasm and crass jokes. Mostly because at the end of the day, they found a way to make news and speculation entertaining. Be it through their natural camaraderie on camera to their “Best Video Ever” ending tag or hand puppets molesting one another.

Inside Gaming provided a great deal of inspiration to me personally, through my interactions several years ago over Twitter with several of the staff members. While they always were quick to joke that the work they did doesn’t actually matter and they might be out of work in a few months, they were always passionate about the fact that they got to do what they loved for a living.

The separation between Inside Gaming and Machinima is another in a series of drastic departures that have occurred across the games media industry. With the lead editorial staff of IGN departing their company to go independent and the report that AOL will be shutting Joystiq down, the climate of the industry is certainly in flux. Even minor moves like Polygon essentially becoming old-Kotaku 2.0 and major staff members shifting from Game Informer to Giant Bomb to Kotaku (Dan Ryckert and Patrick Klepek respectively) have been more pronounced as 2015 marches on.

Whatever Inside Gaming does, I will most certainly keep tabs on them, partially because of my longtime entertainment I have received from their programming, but mostly because my views fall in line with much of their views on the climate of the games industry. Be it more YouTube videos or even a Patreon service, they are a talented and entertaining group of guys whom I wish the best.


4 thoughts on “Inside Gaming Parts Ways With Machinima

  1. I think that a lot of youtubers are going their own way. Get famous and why give your affiliation a cut of your money?

    • Yeah, once you establish yourself as a commodity and have a reliable fanbase, there is really no need to stay renew a contract under a large banner. Exposure might be one reason but with subscribers and taking all the ad rev yourself is a much better cut. Of course, going independent has its own issues, but largely these YouTubers are independent contractors already.

      What’s interesting about the IGDaily team leaving is that they were all actual long-time employees of Machinima, not signed video creators. The entire editorial staff essentially performed a mass exodus, leaving Machinima without one of their most reliable channels, that they ran internally. It will be interesting to see where both the IGDaily team and Machinima end up in a couple months.

      • A lot of people have left Escapist recently and while I really enjoy two or three of them… eh there’s no reason to seek them out. There’s always something else.

        That’s a good point you bring up. One of my Steam friends says he works for or did work for Machinima and he has told me of plenty internal struggles.

      • At the end of the day, business is business and I’m glad when talented writers, editors, video creators pursue new ventures. If you’re a fan of their work, support them. Its as simple as that.

        There’s been a lot of movement this year, a lot of big names in editorial leaving their publications. With Greg Miller from IGN (and taking his team with him) and Jim Sterling from The Escapist going independent and Hamza Aziz of Destructoid leaving the publication he helped create, there’s been so much movement it makes me a little worried as a writer trying to get a foothold. I think the landscape is changing for sure and hopefully there’s still reasonable work for people with talent.

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