First and Last Look at Cry On

Cry OnHironobu Sakaguchi shared a conceptual trailer for the now defunct Mistwalker and Cavia joint project Cry On on his YouTube page on Friday. The game was cancelled six years ago to the day by Cavia’s parent company AQ Interactive due to financial woes.

The trailer is a nice proof of concept video that features a lone girl running from ominous shadows down a tunnel in some ruins. With a small Golem on her back, the video has an abundance of character and almost feels Miyazaki-esque. With the usual Mistwalker driving force of Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu, it is a shame Cry On never saw the light of day because that pair always garners interest based on their resumes alone. Just that piano movement by Uematsu is excellent.

Cavia ultimately shut its doors in 2010 when the name was closed and its staff absorbed into AQ Interactive. The last game the studio developed was Nier for Square Enix. AQ Interactive would go on to be absorbed by Marvelous Entertainment in 2011 after co-developing The Last Story with Mistwalker.

Sakaguchi, despite having a roller coaster track record with Mistwalker, would go on to develop The Last Story and 2014’s popular mobile RPG, Terra Battle.

Destructoid – What Mistwalker’s Cry On might have looked like


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