Square Shows off Final Fantasy Trailers at Jump Festa 2015

Final Fantasy XVSquare Enix was well represented at this past weekend’s Jump Festa 2015 including trailers prepared for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The Type-0 trailer in particular is quite moving. Set to the hauntingly beautiful Zero by Bump of Chicken, the Type-0 trailer mashes up Square’s penchant for mixing dialogue with a decent amount of gameplay footage. Were it not for the bits of dialogue hinting at the darker themes of Type-0, it would be strictly a gameplay trailer with many of the characters exhibiting their unique movesets.

Immediately I am quick to point out that the game looks to be running fluidly and the port work seems fairly solid. Just remember that this game is several years removed from its release on the PSP, a far cry from the graphic fidelity the current generation of consoles can handle. Working with a PSP remaster is not without precedent as Konami made a fairly well rounded game with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD. Suffice to say, even with the handheld tendencies Type-0 should offer, it looks like the gameplay elements are very tight and I am very ready for Type-0’s launch.

The Final Fantasy XV trailer continues to showcase the English vocal track which was unveiled last week and I continue to be underwhelmed. I have never been a big fan of Square’s voice over localization in the past and Final Fantasy XV seems to lack much of the nuance in the original Japanese language track. I understand that there is a need to localize dialogue for large budget games that sell to those beyond the niche but there is no reason to not include the audio files on these massive Blu Rays or to offer them as DLC. They did it for Drakengard 3, FFXV deserves that attention as well.

I hope they fix some of the vocal syncing issues that seem to be present in this new trailer. It makes Final Fantasy’s greatest bro road trip even more awkward with voices that don’t fit, unneeded accents and just an overall dearth in voice acting quality. There’s a lot of time between now and FFXV’s as yet unannounced launch so I hope they tighten things up.

It should go without saying that both games are well on their way, but I think Type-0 is far and away the game to keep an eye on. FFXV, though gorgeous, is very much a work in progress, even after its previous life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Also, Cid is now a female mechanic named Cidney.

YouTube – Square Enix Channel

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