Mevius Final Fantasy Going Mobile

Mevius Final FantasySquare Enix’s next entry in the Final Fantasy series will be titled Mevius Final Fantasy and be a throwback title developed for mobile devices. While the trademark for the game was filed back in October, Square Enix made the formal announcement as part of a commemorative celebration for Final Fantasy’s anniversary on December 18. The announcement was made in Famitsu and featured a get together between Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase and the franchise’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Kitase did not go into detail for what players might expect out of Mevius Final Fantasy but mentioned that the game will feature much of what made the classic Final Fantasy games so great, in particular featuring a Warrior of Light and open map exploration. Take this information with a grain of salt as the game is expected to be optimized for mobile, which typically means the streamlining of many systems.

Kitase will serve as the title’s producer with Square Enix veterans Kazushige Nojima, whose credits include FF7, FF8 and FF10, will be in charge of the story and Toshiyuki Itahana, who worked on FF9 and Crystal Chronicles, will provide character designs. Mevius FF is expected to launch in Japan in March of 2015 with no official word on a western release.

With a talented trio of staffers led by Kitase, I am cautiously curious about Mevius. I’m not sure what constitutes as classic gameplay, but if the staff is allowed to simply sit down and design a game, Mevius could be special. I’m curious to see what kind of interview Famitsu had with Kitase and Sakaguchi, those two certainly have to have some stories.

Siliconera – Mevius Final Fantasy is an Upcoming Smartphone Game by Yoshinori Kitase


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