Guess Who’s Returning in Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter V

I’m trying very hard not to write this mimicking Jean Claude Van Damme.

Capcom hosted the Capcom Cup in San Francisco and featured a Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament and plenty of buzz for their freshly announced Street Fighter V. To go in tow with the Rise Up and gameplay trailers they showed off at last week’s PlayStation Experience, Capcom saw fit to reintroduce the Street Fighter fandom to series favorite, Charlie Nash.

Originally introduced in Street Fighter Alpha, Charlie Nash has had a sort of convoluted story that had many believing he had met his demise at the end of Street Fighter Alpha 3 (while others believe he became Blanka according to Van Damme’s Street Fighter The Movie). That could still be the case for Guile’s old military buddy, as there’s a bit of a flash at the end of his tease implying that there’s plenty more information about Charlie’s return.

I’ll bet a million Bison Dollars that Charlie will be the first of many throwback characters that Sony is pushing hard for Capcom to include in Street Fighter V. Could we see Karin? I could go for a little more Final Fight crossover with Mike Haggar and Maki.

On top of the reveal, Capcom announced plans that they would continue the Capcom Cup, with a prize pool of over $500,000 planned for next year. And relax about the Street Fighter: The Movie jokes. Just remember, Chris Klein played Charlie Nash to some hilarious results not too long ago.


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