Street Fighter V Debuts at PlayStation Experience with Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter VI reported Friday on the leak of Capcom’s Street Fighter V. With the wonderfully directed “Rise Up” trailer and Yoshinori Ono in tow, Capcom made the announcement official and was kind enough to include a brief gameplay trailer featuring franchise stalwarts Ryu and Chun Li.

The art style is heavily influenced by and very similar to Street Fighter IV’s current 2.5 dimension feel. Complete with SFIV’s signature ink-trails on many of the stronger attacks, Street Fighter V is Capcom sticking to a formula that worked out well for them, a far cry from the dramatic shifts between Street Fighter II to Street Fighter Alpha to Street Fighter III.

Making a return to the series is destructible stages, with Chun Li sending Ryu flying through a store wall. I may be incorrect in my memory, but it has been a while since breakable barrels and statues in Street Fighter II.

Also confirmed was the game’s exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 on a home console level. Sony was a major financier of the development costs of Street Fighter V and attaining that exclusivity is a good win for them. The game is also going to be released on Windows PC, with an arcade version to follow. I expect that once Capcom pushes SFV into arcades, they will begin tuning that version to expand upon the original release. At that point, Microsoft may luck out and get an updated version of the game, but Sony is just as likely to throw more money at Capcom, just to lock up that exclusivity.


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