Street Fighter V Announcement Leaks, Exclusive to PS4 and PC

Street Fighter VThis morning a trailer briefly popped online for the as yet unannounced Street Fighter V. The trailer was quick to disappear and Capcom has been tight lipped on the leak, but the announcement has already been made, formal or not.

The trailer is a well directed compilation video featuring footage from of people from a plethora of demographics, all striving to improve themselves. With video capture of classic gameplay, fan appreciation of the series, and even the legendary comeback of Daigo Umehara at Evo 2004, it certainly was a brief montage that speaks for the adoration and respect gamers have for the Street Fighter series. Interspersed throughout the article was what appeared to be gameplay footage of Street Fighter V.

The video closed with the words “Rise Up” and revealed a logo for Street Fighter V, exclusive to PS4 and Windows PC. The exclusivity is timed well with the obvious events this weekend; The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience, both being held in Las Vegas this weekend. An event that Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono is in attendance for.

It has certainly been some time since the original Street Fighter IV was released in 2008. Though the game is certainly long in the tooth, Capcom has steadily made additions and improvements to the game in the form of patches and expansions, most recently Ultra Street Fighter IV which released in arcades in April and on consoles in June. It has had remarkable staying power in the Fighting Game Community and is consistently the headline event at the major professional tournaments.

The term exclusive gets thrown around a bit and historically it has meant a timed deal for third parties. Square Enix’s upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive title and previously Mass Effect was exclusive, both to Microsoft’s Xbox brand. Although Mass Effect was a different deal with Microsoft being the original publisher on the first game.

Truth be told, Capcom might be making a mistake with only the PS4 getting Street Fighter V initially. While the PS4 certainly has control of the market for this console generation, the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter IV was very popular on the professional level with its superior netcode. That isn’t to say that the PS4 version won’t be the better version, but I’m sure there’s enough brand attachment to the Xbox One that could have a slight negative impact on initial sales.

That being said, Street Fighter has always managed to move units, despite many naysayers claiming the death of the 2D fighter. If it is available, the Fighting Game Community has always shown that they will support a good game, no matter what system it comes out on. How do you think SNK has stayed in business all these years?

Polygon – Street Fighter 5 is a PlayStation 4, Windows PC exclusive


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