Kingdom Hearts III Just Might be the Game of My Dreams

Kingdom Hearts IIIDisney’s expanded library might be on the table for Kingdom Hearts III. You read that right. Disney, who already had their classic Disney and Pixar films as potential Kingdom Hearts characters and worlds, just might work with Square Enix to include their recently acquired properties of Marvel and LucasFilm.

Mickey x Spidey x Darth Vader (Ani).

In an interview with Kotaku UK, Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue said that the new Disney properties were all under consideration.

“Nothing’s off limits. We’re considering all the worlds,” Yasue told Kotaku UK. “There are so many wonderful concepts. We’re happy about that, but at the same time it’s really tough to choose.”

The formula for Kingdom Hearts is not a difficult one to decipher. Take one game designed by Square complete with characters pulled from their Final Fantasy series and speckle it with the magical whimsy of Disney’s entire historical catalog and you clearly have a game that was crafted in some fanboy’s basement. Or in Square Enix’s development studio in Tokyo.

The potential for a new Kingdom Hearts game to include Star Wars and Marvel properties had long been wondered about, especially after recent past entries included live-action characters from Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean. After all, isn’t Princess Leia technically a Disney princess?

What would be curious is to see if Square Enix relinquishes a little control over their properties and decides to mix in some Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger nods. Or even dip into their western properties and add Lara Croft or Agent 47. Now I sincerely doubt that a Hitman character or a Deus Ex character would meet Disney’s requirements for positive image, but Lara Croft is a universally recognized character, fresh off a positively perceived reboot.

Even without the new properties, Square Enix has a ton of excellent Disney characters and worlds to choose from. Disney is enjoying a bit of a popularity spike, especially since their in-house 3D animation team became so popular (even topping some of the Pixar offerings). With the worldwide success of Frozen and the popularity of Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled, Disney certainly has the recent catalog to give the Kingdom Hearts series some further clout.

Keep in mind that it has been over four years since the last Kingdom Hearts title, Birth By Sleep, was released. Its been even longer since Kingdom Hearts II released in 2005, so by the time Kingdom Hearts III really gets going, Square Enix should have a ton of modern Disney titles to consider.

Kotaku UK – Marvel and Star Wars are “Not Off-Limits” for Kingdom Hearts III


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