Two New Mobile Final Fantasies Detailed

Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time

The Final Fantasy train just keeps on rolling.

Square Enix announced two Final Fantasy titles to come to mobile platforms iOS and Android and will be released this winter in Japan. As told to Famitsu App, the two games will be the traditional RPG styled Final Fantasy Legends – Crystal of Time and the hero-developing, monster-grinding Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Both will be free-to-play with additional microstransactions available.

Crystal of Time appears to be more in line with the two-dimensional RPGs of old, hearkening back to some of Square Enix’s mobile efforts to expand titles like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. While an effort to make an original game rather than a cash-in are certainly appreciated, I hope the product is close to the high quality of the initial promotional art and screenshots.


Given that the game will be focused on microtransactions, I expect Square to allow players to download the full game with access only to an early portion of the story. Subsequent chapters will be unlocked individually at a set rate or the entire package can be purchased at a slight discount. Now don’t expect Square to be cheap on this, they have been notoriously stingy on their mobile pricing strategies and I would expect at least $5-$8 per chapter after the initial download. But so long as the game’s quality is worth that price, I’d be willing to play a classically styled Final Fantasy on my phone.

Brave Exvius, on the other hand, looks to cater to that quick pop-in pop-out crowd that mobile games thrive on. Co-developed by Brave Frontier developer Alim, Brave Exvius very much appears to be Brave Frontier with Final Fantasy’s jobs and bestiary thrown in. Brave Frontier itself was a pretty addictive game that had players grinding through dungeons, collection monsters and heroes to form parties with all while slowly strengthening their characters with collectible currencies. It even had passive competitive multiplayer where you matched up against AI controlled versions of other player’s parties.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

I spent a good amount of time playing Brave Frontier and would certainly give a Final Fantasy themed version a shot. It does appear there’s a bit more of a focused narrative, instead of choosing your own hero. Brave Exvius will follow the hero Rein, his rival Raswell and the heroine Fiina. Whether this will just be a guide for the main progression of the dungeons ala Brave Frontier, is left to be seen.

Square also announced the Final Fantasy Portal App which will contain news and information about the company’s games, products, events and practically everything that the company produces. It will also include an mobileĀ version of Final Fantasy VIII’s in-game card game, Triple Triad. The Portal App will also launch this winter in Japan.

Triple Triad

These are some pretty solid announcements out of Square, so long as they don’t lose any development out of their main console focus. There is certainly a demand for deep RPGs on mobile platforms and their ports have performed fairly well. Just make sure its not another version of All the Bravest.

Kotaku – Here Come New Final Fantasys For Your Smartphone


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