Some Hidden Gems for Racing Fans in this Week’s Humble Weekly Bundle

Dirt Showdown

I’ve recommended several Humble Bundles before, the famous service that donates a portion of software sales to charity. This week’s name your own price bundle has a racing theme and features the likes of Hello Games’ Joe Danger and Codemasters’ Dirt. This week’s bundle supports the charities of Special Effect and Save the Children.

While a $6 purchase nets you copies of Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Dirt Showdown and a $9 purchase throws in the fantastic Dirt 3, it is the entry level tier that deserves a little attention. Real World Racing, a top down racing game developed by Playstos Entertainment a game I had been following and recommending since before its days on Steam Greenlight. By no means a complex game, Real World Racing had a certain aesthetic and fun factor that just continues to catch my eye and I often boot the game up when I have 15 minutes to kill.

The other two games aren’t terrible either with Urban Trial Freestyle (think an Indie version of Trials) and the arcade-y WRC Powerslide, there’s a little something for anybody craving some octane in their Steam library. I’m going to pick this up so I have a second code of Real World Racing, along with a copy of Dirt Showdown, which is the only title in the franchise I don’t already own.

Humble Weekly Bundle: Racing

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