The Mako is Back in Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect - Mako

The most bad-ass, six-wheeled, cannon toting, planet exploring, thresher maw exploding vehicle in the Mass Effect universe is making its triumphant return in the next Mass Effect. Announced at this year’s Comic-Con, the next Mass Effect will feature the return of the Mako and will have a strong focus on planetary exploration.

Found only in the original Mass Effect, the Mako was a six-wheeled all terrain vehicle used to explore planetary surfaces. A world of difference from the scanning of planets in the following Mass Effect 2, the Mako was both beloved and beguiled for its terribly (wonderfully?) clunky handling and propensity to crash into everything (to become awesome?). All I know is that the Mako had rocket boosters and you could skip happily across the surface of a barren planet. I loved the awful thing so much that I missed it dearly in the following games.

Mass Effect - Mako

In all honesty, what the Mako represented was the grand promise of exploration that the original Mass Effect was built upon. The original Mass Effect was still a typical BioWare-styled game filled with morality driven choices and their signature cause and effect storyline, but the simple fact that the Mako could be put on a planet, driven around like an idiot and given mundane taskslike discovering crash sites, minerals and thresher maws, represented the opportunity to explore this world freely. What do they give you in the follow-up? Corridors and scanning a planet for minerals.

So here’s to the Mako.

Mass Effect - Mako

Polygon – The next Mass Effect will see the return of the Mako, focus on exploration


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