DOA5U’s Marie Rose to Join Console Roster in Spring

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Marie Rose, the Swedish Gothic Lolita wrestler created for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Japanese arcade release, will be making her debut sometime in the spring. Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi made the announcement at this past weekend’s official Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate tournament.

The addition of Marie Rose is a welcome one as DOA5U continues to grow. She has the potential to be something fresh, both stylistically and tactically. She is much smaller than any previous character (except for maybe Ayane) and uses a fighting style based on the Russian military martial art Systema. The whole concept of a slight framed brawler (not named Tina Armstrong) gets me a little hyped. It rounds out the roster that had previously added only Mila and Rig in DOA5 and Momiji and Rachel in DOA5U.

Hayashi also announced console versions of DOA5U will be patched to version 1.04 which will have all the balancing tweaks found in the arcade version, sans Marie Rose. The patch is scheduled to be released in February, with Marie Rose and DOA5U Arcade set to launch at the end of January.

Polygon – Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate receiving update in February, new fighter in spring


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