Nintendo Network IDs Part of Latest 3DS Update

The latest firmware for the Nintendo 3DS is now live and features the first steps to Nintendo finally having a unified account system. The new Nintendo Network IDs fold together online access to Nintendo’s Miiverse community as well as account information for use in the Nintendo eShop.

Miiverse 3DS

When users create Nintendo Network IDs, they are greeted with long EULAs and explanations about phasing out their old, clunky, account-less system that long kept things like the eShop and online communities apart. While the system at writing is still not 100% ready (the eShop was down at time of writing), having one single network ID that accesses both the eShop and the Miiverse community is a world of difference from the confusing jumble of passwords prior.

Nintendo Network IDs not only join the new 3DS Miiverse with the eShop but also allow for Wii U Miiverse accounts to be merged, streamlining the growth of the community. Another nice addition is the included linking of Club Nintendo accounts, which were already tied to system specific eShops. While Nintendo doesn’t seem like they’re moving away from Friend Codes any time soon (and the Miiverse lacks a quick way to add new people), the Nintendo Network IDs are a step in the right direction.

Miiverse Plaza

In addition to the Nintendo Network IDs, 3DS update 7.0.0-13U introduces the aforementioned Miiverse to the 3DS handheld. The Miiverse is a nice little chat community where users can share thoughts, ask questions, post screenshots and draw little pictures. Very much a Nintendo sanctioned forum, the Miiverse has already been a nice feature of the Wii U, so having it on the 3DS is a great addition.

The update also eliminates the restrictions surrounding system account transfers. Prior to the update, system transfers were limited to five times per account. Another nice addition was changing the shortcut to initiate the camera to holding both triggers, rather than accidentally holding one trigger (which I constantly found myself taking random pictures of my bedroom).

Siliconera – Miiverse is now available on Nintendo 3DS


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