Telltale Games…Developer of the Year 2014?

The Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale Games sure knows how to keep busy. Primed to release the first episode of The Walking Dead’s Season Two next week (December 17) and the second episode of The Wolf Among Us slated for early next year, Telltale came to VGX 2013 with two aces up their sleeve.

Confirming a rumor from several months back, Telltale revealed that they would be working with HBO to develop an episodic adaptation of Game of Thrones. Nothing telling was revealed in the announcement, but the trailer did promise new storylines in the George R.R. Martin epic.

The Game of Thrones franchise has had mediocre representation in gaming thus far, so reservations are certainly in order. If Telltale is afforded enough freedom to explore new plots and characters fully, they should be able to make a compelling title.

Not content to let one big name franchise be their headline, Telltale also announced a collaboration with Gearbox Software to develop Tales from the Borderlands, another episodic adventure this time set in Gearbox’s Borderlands universe.

Borderlands has been a regular in my game rotation so my excitement for a Telltale Borderlands game is fairly high. While I wonder how mechanics of copious amounts of loot and RPG progression can (or will) be translated into Telltale’s brand of adventure, the universe is certainly ripe with potential stories to tell, especially with Borderlands 2’s ending. Hell, even the cel-shading of Borderlands and Telltale feels like a natural fit.

Polygon – Game of Thrones game coming in 2014 from Telltale


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