Destiny Destined for September 9 Release


Destiny, Bungie’s first game under new publisher Activision, will be launching September 9, 2014.

Originally slated for a spring release, pushing Destiny back into the fall gives Bungie a little more breathing room, especially with Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall set to make some noise in March. With the later release date, Bungie is now targeting a summer multiplayer beta test that will be available first on the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.


In an industry filled with ‘what have you done for me lately’ tenants, Destiny’s success is crucial to Activision and Bungie’s relationship together. Bungie has been largely quiet since Halo Reach, instead assisting 343 Industries in taking over developmental duties for the Halo franchise. While taking their time during development is something that Bungie has a reputation of, the delay to fall leaves many with new consoles salivating for something big to play.

To me, Destiny definitely has the polish and vintage sci-fi spark that Bungie cut its teeth on during its Halo days and the studio’s bold vision of an always-online MMO type shooter has certainly piqued my interest. Initial thoughts have been that Destiny certainly has Halo’s fingerprints all over its DNA, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Bungie – Destiny Launch Date

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