Ridge Racer Slipstreams to Mobile

Ridge Racer Slipstream

For the legions of fans hoping to powerslide their way around twists and turns to a catchy electro soundtrack, the new console launches were nothing but a disappointment. For the first time in a lifetime, there was no Ridge Racer launch title. No Reiko Nagase. No flashy Namco racer with gameplay dating back to the mid ’90s.

While an era may have ended, Namco at least saw to continue the legacy of a game many thought to have crashed over a cliffside. Ridge Racer Slipstream will release to mobile devices on December 19.

The game looks flashy, smooth and has all of the prerequisites for a classic Ridge Racer game: generic cars, a small track selection doubled with mirrored tracks and oh so many deliciously wide hairpins to slide around. Hopefully the new Ridge Racer adapts to the mobile platform well, especially given the sub-mediocre results of Ridge Racer Unbounded and the now early access Ridge Racer Driftopia. If they take lessons learned from their solid port of the PSP Ridge Racer, Slipstream looks to at least have a shot.

And hey! Ridge Racer is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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