Humble Bundle Goes Jumbo

Sanctum 2

The crazy philanthropists at Humble Bundle are at it again, this time piecing together a bundle that features a smattering of recent hits that are sure to turn a few heads.

Paying any amount for the Humble Jumbo Bundle will net purchasers copies of the oddball wizard fantasy Magicka along with a couple DLC packs (including the entertaining Vietnam War inspired DLC), hybrid tower defense / first person shooter Sanctum 2 and dinosaur like monsters are everywhere multiplayer shooter Natural Selection 2. As usual, paying more than the average ($4.11 at writing) will earn additional copies of tower defense Orcs Must Die 2 Complete, frenetic first person shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE and the Half-Life sandbox exploring tool Garry’s Mod. Humble Bundle also teased additional content to be added for those who pay above the average price. All titles except Garry’s Mod will also include digital soundtracks.

Natural Selection 2

As usual, the Humble Bundle allows purchasers to split the price of the bundle between the Watsi and Child’s Play charities, the developers of the games and the Humble Bundle team.

The entire Humble Jumbo Bundle interests me on several levels, in particular for Sanctum 2 and Natural Selection 2. I really enjoyed the original Sanctum for its combined gameplay of FPS and tower defense and Natural Selection 2’s team based dinosaurs vs marines seems like all sorts of fun. I already own complete edition of Magicka from a couple years back and have been putting it on the back burner due to its very cumbersome and mandatory tutorial. The rest of the library stands on the merits of their popularity and are certainly worthwhile additions at whatever you feel like paying.

Humble Bundle


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