Midweek Timewaster – Doctor Who Easter Eggs

If you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll learn that I fall into several fandom tropes, not least of which is Doctor Who. I am a recent fan of the series after long avoiding its wibbly-wobbly universe that constantly finds ways to circle back to amazing adventures. But ever since finally watching the modern reboot of the series last year, I have been obsessively addicted to the series and the incredible portrayals by the last three Doctors, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.

The wonderful team over at VGFacts.com and DidYouKnowGaming.com put together a quick little video chronicling some of the greatest Doctor Who related Easter Eggs in gaming in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. From Daleks, dialogue references and hiding the TARDIS, programmers have constantly found ways to integrate their Whovian love into their projects.

I remember years ago in particular, playing the original Fallout, having no idea what the little blue box was during a random encounter. Even today, I am particularly fond of the reference of the library in Fallout: New Vegas and the cute nods in Borderlands 2.

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