Naughty Dog Teases New Uncharted


It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. Naughty Dog formally pulled back the curtain on a Uncharted with a teaser trailer for their (obviously) PS4 exclusive. While no gameplay or really much of anything were revealed in the minute long trailer, we can safely ascertain there should be exploring, map reading and possibly Madagascar.

In all seriousness however, the trailer doesn’t feature Nolan North narrating, so until the next tidbits come out, I will be speculating as to whom the mystery narrator is. Rumors have been swirling around the project that Nathan Drake may not even by the central protagonist and the tone of the teaser is certainly darker than previous entries.

But whatever date the new Uncharted comes out, I will have my PS4 by then.

Oh Naughty Dog, you are such a tease.

Destructoid – New Uncharted announced for PlayStation 4


2 thoughts on “Naughty Dog Teases New Uncharted

  1. Much as I love Nate, Naughty Dog would be wise to introduce a new protagonist to keep the series fresh. The newbie doesn’t necessarily have to carry the whole game–maybe take a page from MGS2 and have the new guy meet up with Nate around the mid point. Or have us switch between two protagonists from scene to scene.

    I’m also wondering if a younger Sully could be a possibility…

    • The younger Sully had crossed my mind as well. Naughty Dog said there’s a ton of clues in the trailer so I expect people to be wearing tin foil hats by next week. That being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t point out that drake is one of my favorite characters from this past generation, probably my #1. I’d be more than a little disappointed if he didn’t make an appearance. Uncharted depends on its narrative and Drake is the best Indy since Lara did it 15 years ago. They can certainly explore other character strings and develop new plot lines, but Drake is critical to the core of their narrative. But hey, that’s what I thought of Desmond Miles and look where that got him.

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