Meet Marie Rose, DOA5UA’s New Character

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade

Tecmo Koei teased that a new character would be coming for their arcade release of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in a Siliconera report last month. In a new trailer highlighting the, now complete, roster, DOA5UA’s new character will be a girl by the name of Marie Rose.

Utilizing a Russian martial art dubbed Systema, Marie Rose has an absolute distinct look that sets her apart from the DOA/Ninja Gaiden/Virtua Fighter characters in the game. First off, she is younger and her design aesthetic is the complete antithesis against DOA’s reputation for busty, bouncy brawlers. While she certainly has the soft look that permeates throughout the female cast members, Marie Rose is modeled to be much slighter and clearly seen as less of a sex object.

Her gothic lolita stylings are a nice addition to the array of outfits the cast bears and I’m curious to see how she plays with what appears to be a pummeling grappler ala Mila. It might be that she is the long sought after defensive character that I can pick up to add to my repertoire of Hitomi (offense) and Hayate (balance).

Unfortunately, no word yet if she will make it to console releases, but I have my fingers crossed.


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