Mega Man X Gets a Next Generation Launch. In Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3

Fans on the lookout for Mega Man Easter Eggs will not be disappointed by the offering in Capcom’s Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead Rising 3. A suit inspired by Mega Man X will be attainable in the game by collecting parts to the outfit, including a working X Buster, because there can’t be any pleasure greater than fighting off the zombie horde with an X Buster.

Dead Rising has been no stranger to playful homages to the blue bomber, with outfits that included Servbot heads and an unlockable Mega Man outfit. The Mega Man X homage will be unlockable by players able to complete the game on Nightmare difficulty, which Capcom Vancouver developers promise will be no small task.

Polygon – Dead Rising 3 and the return of Mega Man X

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