Temple Run on the Silver Screen, Because Why Not

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is a bonafide mobile phenomenon. Guy runs on a never ending track collecting coins and dodging sheer danger and millions upon millions of dollars are made. Because that stuff is addicting.

Well apparently movie producer David Heyman wants to make a movie out of it, because you know, it’s a franchise ripe with narrative to draw from. It’s got an idol. And a dude running. And some monkeys.

But to be fair, Heyman is an incredibly successful producer, having backed the Harry Potter films and this year’s zero-gravity thriller Gravity, so he might have an eye for finding profitable projects. I mean, it’s not like we’ve had a film about an explorer who runs from ancient things after stealing a mystic treasure before…

The Hollywood Reporter – Warner Bros., David Heyman to Bring Video Game ‘Temple Run’ to the Big Screen


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