It’s PS4 Launch Week. Let’s Open a Box

Sony PlayStation 4

I’ll never understand the appeal of unboxing videos. Sure, they can be a bit celebratory as YouTube users pour through the corrugated cardboard packaging to unearth a sea of plastic for children and small animals to suffocate on. Besides, if the jealous public is still on the fence about early purchasing, I sincerely doubt there is enough drama behind revealing your power cable or free month of PlayStation Plus voucher will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Unboxing videos feed into the exhibitionist nature that is prevalent throughout this digital society dominated by social media. Taking pictures of unopened boxes leads to taking videos of opened boxes which leads to taking pictures of food to never eating ever again. Probably not, but like most social media trends, unboxing videos are entirely self serving.

But that’s okay, because we really want to see what’s inside those boxes. Recognizing our insatiable desire to see things come out of boxes, Sony revealed their cables and vouchers in a stunning and nostalgic nod to commercials of the late 80s, complete with hazy fog. All Shuhei Yoshida needed was to have his hair blown back by the amazing power of his new system.


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