Target Customers Receive Xbox One Early

For a small number of Xbox One preorders, November 22nd happened a couple weeks early. Thanks to an error within their system, Target mistakenly shipped brand new Xbox One systems to what they are calling a limited amount of customers. Kotaku reported that the number of units shipped was around 150 systems. In an ironic twist, none of the systems shipped were labeled as Day One Edition systems, but standard systems that were not marked with a Nov. 22 street date.

Xbox One Dashboard

Among those who received the system early was André Weingarten, who has a terrific write-up by Owen Good over on Weingarten was pressed to find a system for launch day and early last week placed an order through He had no idea he’d be receiving his console that same week. Unable to contain his excitement, Weingarten took to Twitter and YouTube, where he runs a channel under the handle Moonlight Swami. He recorded his unboxing, tweeted pics and confirmed prices and hard drive requirements for downloadable purchase. He even was able to download the now notorious day one update that would allow an Xbox One to run without an internet connection.

Weingarten was singing praises for the beauty of the console, the speed at which everything ran and even the new features like being able to play games mid-install. He was gaining followers by the second with people flooding to see an Xbox One in the wild.

Moonlight Swami

Everything was going fine and dandy until Microsoft hit his YouTube with a copyright claim, his Twitter was throttled for posting too much, and his new Xbox One console was banned from Xbox Live. The copyright claim had Weingarten sweating bullets over the fate of not only his YouTube channel, but potentially his status at his college which could review the copyright claim.

To make a long story short, Weingarten spoke with Microsoft and was assured by Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hyrb (Xbox Live’s Major Nelson) that the ban would only last until a few days prior to the November 22nd launch, his copyright strike on YouTube would be removed and he was not in trouble for what amounted to being honestly excited about Microsoft’s newest toy. To add icing to the cake, Weingarten was invited to one of Microsoft’s Xbox One launch events. For the rest of us not invited to an Xbox One launch party, we can watch Weingarten’s unboxing, which has been unbanned by YouTube.

For Weingarten I’m very glad things will ultimately work out for him because he was unabashed about how much love he had for the Xbox One. I’m also happy that Microsoft made good on potentially a bad situation by calming the situation and reacting without slinging a ban hammer wildly. If Microsoft has learned anything after the messy few months leading up to launch day, listening to their customers is the best thing they can do for their prospects.

Kotaku – Meet The Guy Who Got The Xbox One Early


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