Midweek Timewaster – Collarblind Music’s Millennial Fair

I’ve made no secret about Chrono Trigger being my favorite game of all time. The wonderful chemistry of narrative and gameplay are the barometer I compare not only JRPGs to but all games. But the often unheralded aspect of gaming is the music, and Chrono Trigger is forever one of the greatest.

YouTuber CollarblindMusic similarly appreciates the simultaneous simplicity and complex grandeur that the Chrono Trigger soundtrack is peppered with. In his rendition of the Millennial Fair his piece just keeps building and building into a progressive rock performance that Yasunori Mitsuda might wish he had more sounds to score his 16-bit music with.

Millennial Fair is to be the first in a series of Chrono Trigger themed one-man-band performances by CollarblindMusic. His next performance will be the always mystical Wind Shrine but I’m waiting with baited breath for an epic performance of Magus’ Theme.

Chrono Trigger

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