Telltale Games Teases The Walking Dead Season Two

The Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale Games is finally ready to unveil Season two of their hit adaptation of The Walking Dead with an announcement set for Tuesday, October 29 at 3pm EST. The follow-up to last year’s critical darling, The Walking Dead Season One was a commercial success that saw big sales across consoles, PCs and portable devices.

Telltale Games only teased a single image, but a powerful image that shows their game’s unexpected young heroine Clementine’s signature baseball cap, all bloodied up with several walkers in the distance. Telltale Games focus on narrative over action elements was a major part of the game’s success and I expect Season Two to continue Clementine’s story and find new ways to connect with audiences.

This comes at a busy time for Telltale Games, whose recent adventure title The Wolf Among Us is receiving similar praise. The Wolf Among Us is also expected to have an announcement based on their next chapter: Smoke and Mirrors.

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