First Look at Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts III

Certain that one big piece of Kingdom Hearts news wasn’t enough, Square Enix unveiled a brief gameplay teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan.

No release date appears to be on the horizon soon, especially with Square Enix milking the sales of the franchise’s HD ReMIX collections. The trailer simply states that the game is “Now In Development” which could mean any time in the next decade if the production cycle of Fabula Nova Crystallis turned Final Fantasy Versus XIII turned Final Fantasy XV (subtitled: we really need to finish this game and we haven’t released a numbered iteration in way too long) is any indication.

Everything looks nice and fluid with Sora, Donald and Goofy hacking away at basic Heartless. Sora’s new Keyblade moves apparently include dual Keyblade pistols, a roller coaster boss fight and a giant pirate ship(?). Because what says I’m a Disney bad-ass more than wielding a boat. Hey, it worked for Jack Sparrow.


2 thoughts on “First Look at Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay

  1. I liked that fight while they were on the roller coaster. Otherwise, definitely looks like they’re in the early stages of the game. The graphics don’t look next gen to me.

    • Hard to say where the graphics will evolve to since SE effectively skipped this generation for KH, but I do like the HD treatment of that sequence in particular. Definitely has that cinematic flair the game adopted from KH2.

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