Because…Japan – Japan World Cup 3

I’ll just leave this here.

While traipsing about the Interwebs, I came across this gem from the brilliant minds over at Achievement Hunters. It’s hard to describe precisely what is going on in this game that starts as an innocuous horse racing game. Only that horse racing game features barrel horses, hind-legged prancing horses, elongated horses and a yeti.

The game in question is called Japan World Cup 3 and is less of a game but more of a scripted algorithm that chooses the outcome of races in “randomly” generated fashion. Random might be the best way to describe the onslaught of hilarity that ensues with Japan World Cup, whose roots lie in a simple web browsing based betting game. The premise is simple enough, you place a bet on your horse (for fun lets bet on the prancing pony) and as soon as the horses enter the home stretch, all hell breaks loose.

Japan World Cup 2

Believe it or not, Japan World Cup is a progressive series that has grown from its first iteration. The original Japan World Cup was comparatively tamer than the third game with horses and jockeys willing their way to first through dancing and basic transformations. Japan World Cup 2 improved on the formula by creating a 5 horse steeple chase that featured a mystery box where riders would exit equipped with odd forms of transportation ranging from roller skates to an office chair to the race crippling treadmill.

Japan World Cup 3 is thus far the definitive version of this ludicrous betting game. My jaw about dropped to the floor when the enka singer emerged from the dekotora truck. Sadly, the game is no longer available online to satiate that virtual gambling itch, doing a simple YouTube search of Japan World Cup will net videos spanning all three games. It might be the greatest way to spend an afternoon.

Japan World Cup 3

Tofugu – Crazy Japanese Horse Racing Simulator. Minus Horses. Minus Simulation.


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