Grid Vault Review – Flashback to exhilarating racing

Think back to the racing games of mid-2008. Forza Motorsport 2 was the only entry available for the Xbox 360, Criterion Games had yet to swoop in to save the Need for Speed franchise (although they had just released the fantastic Burnout Paradise), Midnight Club: Los Angeles would not be out until the end of the year and Gran Turismo 5 was a big mystery to the entire world. If you wanted a racing game with real vehicles in it, there was little to choose from.


This perfect storm allowed for British studio Codemasters to roll the dice on a title that was as exhilarating as it was refreshing when they launched Grid in May-June of 2008. Codemasters had garnered a reputation for churning out a steady stream of racing games that presented themselves as simulators, but had the accessibility of an arcade styled racer. At the time, they were primarily known for their Colin McRae Rally and their TOCA Race Driver series’. The studio was enjoying a period of success after their re-envisioned Colin McRae Rally series had a solid launch under the Dirt moniker. Taking their engine from Dirt, Codemasters refined it for track racing and renamed it their EGO engine which would be used in Grid, the successor to the TOCA Race Driver series.  Continue reading