Top Ten Tuesday Special Mother’s Day Edition! – Greatest Moms in Video Games

Happy Mother’s Day! The day where the most wonderful lady in your entire life tells you not to get her anything, but when secretly you should have bought her a bouquet of roses or taken her to a buffet. But you know what, she deserves it from the physical and emotional trauma she must have endured from raising you. She must’ve done something right if you’re spending your free time reading a video game blog (or authoring one, thanks Mom!)

Compiling a list of video game moms was interesting to say the least. It seemed that the common roles for mothers in games was either as a tragic backstory often resulting in a demoralizing death or a mother so twisted and manipulative she must’ve took captive any child protective service agents who came knocking.

10. Jun Kazama – Tekken

Jun Kazama

While she has only appeared as a playable character in one canon Tekken game (Tekken 2), her role as main character Jin Kazama’s mother and the former lover of Jin’s father Kazuya Mishima places her as the lynchpin between stories. Jun is a stand-up character whom dedicated her life to protecting wildlife and even sought to calm Kazuya’s soul. As a mother she raised Jin in a positive atmosphere, teaching him her Kazama style martial arts, something Jin used in his failed attempt to protect Jun from Ogre.

9. Samara – Mass Effect 2


If a mother is characterized by her determination, Samara has it in spades. Although, the fact that her role as an Asari Justicar basically makes her a holy assassin might counteract any positivity. Couple that role with her centuries long quest to hunt down her own daughter Morinth for being an Ardat-Yakshi, which is essentially an Asari black widow spider. By the time you meet Samara you don’t even have the option to talk her down, its either Samara or Morinth survives. Can’t say she’s not committed.

8. Nora Estheim – Final Fantasy XIII

Nora Estheim

Moms are tough. Nora’s famous life code are what caused her to take up arms in order to protect her son Hope. She joins Snow in an effort to stave off PSICOM soldiers during the purge of Cocoon. The tough mom Nora is able to save Snow’s life but is thrown off the platform only to have Snow barely catch her hand before she loses grip. She makes Snow promise to protect Hope, despite the new development of Hope blaming Nora’s death on Snow. To top it all off, Nora would constantly urge Hope to improve his relationship with his father. She just might have won gaming mom of the year.

7. Brigid Tenenbaum – Bioshock

Brigid Tenenbaum

Tenenbaum might not be a mother in the classic sense, but she did create the Little Sisters and the Big Sisters, raised them to follow a guy in a big metal suit with a drill for an arm and harvest the energy of dead splicers. To be fair, she tries to repent for her sinful past by helping both Jack and Subject Delta with the motive of freeing the Little Sisters from their twisted work.

6. Flemeth – Dragon Age


Not only is Flemeth the ancient powerful Witch of the Wilds who can shapeshift into a dragon, she raises her daughter Morrigan to serve as a vessel to transfer her soul into when her own body becomes too frail. Despite Morrigan’s knowledge of this and sending the Grey Warden to deal with Flemeth, Flemeth makes a deal with the Warden to be let free in exchange for her Black Grimoire. Her watchful eye over Hawke in Dragon Age II only underscores the notion that we’re not done with Flemeth yet.

5. Crono’s Mom – Chrono Trigger

Crono's Mom

Crono’s mom wakes Crono up in the morning when he sleeps in. Gives him allowance to spend at the Millennial Fair. And takes care of the legions of cats that Crono leaves at home. Sounds like my mom, although I think she’d notice if I were on trial for kidnapping or defeated by the ancient destroyer of worlds Lavos. Oh well, she can always chase a cat into a time warp accidentally to alter the course of history.

4. Pokemom – Pokemon

Delia Ketchum

She might not win mother of the year awards for sending her 10-year-old kid to hunt and capture wild Pokemon. After all, her TV told her that all kids leave home someday. At least she sends potions in the mail and lets you rest up your Pokemon. On the upside, Ash’s mom, Delia Ketchum, is much more involved in her pre-teen’s adventures.

3. Jenova – Final Fantasy VII


Sephiroth’s “mother” (and the subsequent “mother” of Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo) is not actually the one-winged angel’s birth mother, but whose DNA was injected into Lucrecia Crescent, Sephiroth’s surrogate mother. Jenova may live in a giant glass tube, and she is definitely from outer space but at least her desire to destroy and consume the world imprinted upon Sephiroth, despite him never really knowing her.

2. Eva – Metal Gear


I was in love with Eva in Metal Gear Solid 3, it might’ve been that half zipped flightsuit but her adoration for Naked Snake put her in the same category as Meryl. But like all things Metal Gear, things get complicated quickly. Eva becomes the surrogate mother to the Patriots clone project that resulted in Solid and Liquid Snake being born from Naked Snake’s cloned DNA. She becomes a little twisted after all of this and begins calling herself Big Mamma, probably because she still was desperately in love with Big Boss.

1. Sophitia Alexendra – Soul Calibur


A mother who takes up sword to fight and protect her children. her journey begins as she travels the world after being visited by the god Hephaestus who tells her of the evil Soul Edge. The Soul Edge would torment her entire life, first with her seeking to destroy the blade to protect her children. But the real tragedy to her story is when her daughter Pyrrha is kidnapped and exposed to Soul Edge’s energy, forcing her to remain in its presence. Sophitia, torn between her quest to destroy the blade and her duties as a mother would take up arms outside Ostrheinsburg and fight any who would seek the Soul Edge, in order to save her daughter’s life.


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