Programming Notes

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this blog. I can be a bit OCD in everything that I do, be it composing a sentence multiple times so it reads well (this sentence included), constantly checking my blog stats (which I do dozens of times daily), or my overuse of parenthesis (hey!), every ounce of support is noticed and appreciated. I am grateful for those who have supported my dream as a writer over the years and have pushed me to stick with it. And I also am excited by new readers and fellow bloggers who take the time to listen to my nonsensical rants. I hope that this is the launching point of bigger things.

Mmm...Dew & Doritos

That being said, I’ve managed to (through some very sleep deprived nights) adhere to a schedule regarding posts. Wednesdays have typically been for editorial type opinions on whatever I see fit in the gaming industry and Fridays have been reserved for reviews. This schedule will continue going forward and I hope to expand to 3-4 posts a week, maybe more if I can self edit myself a bit better. Ideally, the schedule I see in my head is as follows.

  • Tuesdays – An alternating schedule of Top Ten Tuesdays and My Gaming Backlog
  • Wednesdays – Editorial day, in depth thoughts on a myriad of gaming centric topics
  • Fridays – Reviews or Vault Reviews

I have no idea what I'm doing

For the time being, until I get a better sleep schedule I will keep Thursdays and Mondays open. I will keep these days available to react to newsworthy stories in the gaming industry. Or to post pictures of cats. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Also, I will begin differentiating my reviews from here forward. I’ve managed to only review titles that have been released within the past year. Since I am independent, I play games and review them on my own time. Because of this, I try to make reviews as timely as possible (Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite), but this can’t always be. I have a plethora of titles that I want to give an honest review so here is where Vault Reviews come into play. For titles older than a year, I will designate as a Vault Review. These titles will still fall into the same criteria as if I were playing them fresh, but I will also point out how well they stand up to modern critique. I will also use similar criteria when reviewing HD remakes.

Vault Secure!

So again, thank you so much for your readership and support. I look forward to recording more of my gibberish on page.



2 thoughts on “Programming Notes

  1. You could have photos of cats playing games! Haha! But in all seriousness, great job so far and looking forward to all of your future posts!

  2. Good luck on your routine. I’m in the same boat with trying to come up with schedule for my blog. I’m also trying to get more into gaming, something I gave up for awhile and then found my passion for again recently. Trying to even get into computer gaming as well. Will def be stopping by your blog more and if you have any good ideas to step up my gaming station or new games, send me a message.

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