On today’s Boston Marathon tragedy

Boston Marathon

I’m going to stray from my typical subject matter today.

Two explosions occurred today near the Boston Marathon finish line at approximately 2:45 pm. At writing, two deaths have been confirmed and at least 100 people have been injured.

This is an absolutely startling and unfortunate event. The Boston Marathon, probably the most prestigious of the American races, is a time of celebrating overcoming obstacles. I can’t even begin to imagine the sheer terror and confusion felt by those at the epicenter of today’s events. To those that are hurt or are grieving, my heart and thoughts are truly with you in your moment of need. For those in the Boston area, please text and tweet to find loved ones, support those who are hurt, and donate blood to help the injured.

I am just one writer, one with a niche platform, but it is crucial that we as individuals remember the impact and breadth of events like this. A bombing of the Boston Marathon, a massive sporting event, is as significant as the New York terror attacks, a school shooting such as those at Newtown and Columbine, or even catastrophic natural disasters like Fukushima and Katrina. The bottom line is innocent people lost their lives and were severely injured.

It is up to every individual to never marginalize or trivialize events, merely sighing in the face of tragedy as if it doesn’t matter. Take a moment to reflect, to really say to yourself, what can I do to make it better. These terrible things may never stop happening, but neither too, should our desire to care for others.

Boston Globe – 2 killed, at least 90 injured in marathon blasts

For those that can stomach some startling imagery, Deadspin is doing a fantastic live report as they get submissions.

Deadspin – Explosions reported at the Boston Marathon; dozens injured


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