A return to form

Writing is a tricky thing. Over the course of my brief career, I’ve had tremendous opportunities to place my signature on a multitude of publications. I felt as if I was coming up, finding my place in the unpredictable world of editorial. I was ready to become the next authoritative voice in gaming journalism.

And then it happened. I lost that voice. My signature had been smeared. After a short stint in public relations, I felt as if I had mortgaged my soul as a writer at the gain of a steady paycheck. Putting words to page felt like a chore and ceased to bring me joy.

Today I look back on that period and acknowledge that PR was not the place I needed to be in. It is a fantastic and rewarding career, so long as you know that, as a writer, your voice is your client’s. Not your own.

After a long period of reflection I began to not only understand this part of my past, but embraced it. While working in PR shook my core, at the end of the day, I still believe in the power of written word.

I still have a passion for this work. Just as I will always have passion for gaming. For a long time, I feared putting out an inferior product. But now I understand that it wasn’t the product that was inferior, it was my attitude.

This is a fantastic time to write about the gaming industry. There are a ton of games to review, new consoles on the horizon, and my forte: gaming as they relate to social and political issues. If I want to work in a field that I believe that I am built for, it starts now.


One thought on “A return to form

  1. Steady as she goes. Looking forward to your future entries!!!

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