Rumored Nintendo Wii 2 (Super Wii) Specs

Hot on the heels of the rumored E3 announcement for the Wii’s successor, a system said to be more powerful than any current generation console, French site 01net has reported on the supposed specs for the new console. In an interesting twist, the controller appears to be of the traditional variety and is also to have a built in touch screen with a front facing camera.

For the general specs, Nintendo is stating close to those it has worked with before with a tri-core IBM processor, graphics acceleration by ATI and at less 512 mb of RAM. The system is expected to be backwards compatible with both Wii and GameCube games as well as all current Wii accessories. These are all pretty standard fare and well appreciated, especially with the ease of integration thanks to Nintendo’s consistent use if hardware and Bluetooth connectivity.

The controller is an interesting play, reminding me of the VMU from the Sega Dreamcast with its built in screen. The controller is also rumored to be able to serve as a sensor bar for Wiimotes and the inclusion of a camera for facetime or other live camera use is an interesting play.

I’m sure more will be released as more is learned about the Super Wii as E3 nears. I still want to know about network and storage strategies and anything performance related.

Gamrfeed – Rumor: Wii 2 Hardware Specs and Controller Details Outed


One thought on “Rumored Nintendo Wii 2 (Super Wii) Specs

  1. Interesting specs so far. I think the Wii’s biggest selling point is its ease of games and group shenanigans that come with its great list of party games. Backwards compatibility is always a plus with me, especially because the PS3 is not and the older games will always be something I want to play without having to maintain an out-of-date console. Lets hope for some good interesting games and, of course, classical heroes in new settings and gameplay. I’m talking to you Link and Mario.

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