Nintendo 3DS Launch

The Nintendo 3DS launches tomorrow (Sunday) to what should be, at the very least, curious interest. Nintendo has promised glasses-less 3D, which I expect to be fully delivered. What I’d like to know more about is the strength of the handheld and whether it will have the longevity to become a proper successor in the DS line.

3DS Preorder line at Akihabara Yodobashi Camera

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While now would probably be a good time to purchase the handheld for myself, given the untimely crippling of my DS Lite due to a broken hinge, I will not be lining up at midnight to try my hand at the very subpar launch title lineup.

Should you wish to take a chance and get a few launch titles, here’s what looks interesting:

Pilotwings Resort – This is a long time coming, they teased the idea of this in a couple mini games in Wii Sports Resort, but I really yearn for something more akin to the original SNES version. While this definitely looks to be inspired by the Wii Sports Resort aesthetics and simplistic gameplay, I hope there’s enough flight sim mechanics kept in tact to make the game a hidden gem.

Ridge Racer – You can’t have a system launch without Ridge Racer it seems. While Reiko Nagase may be aging poorly, at least the series is known for being reliable. It won’t be awful, but odds are it won’t be nearly as great as what Ridge Racer was for the Sony PSP launch.

Nintendogs + Cats – Not too much to get into here. If you really really really like Nintendogs, or have been pining for a virtual kitty, go ahead and get it. It’s the best virtual pet simulator since…Nintendogs.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles – Again, the obligatory Musou game has to be covered in a launch window. Expect armies, historical liberties, tiny girls beating up nameless soldiers and lots of electric guitar.

Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – It’s difficult to recommend this as it has been released twice on the two major consoles (standard and Super editions) and the iOS version of the game is cheap and very capable on the go. But, it does have buttons and it is the only version in 3D. It should be excellent, but maybe tap the brakes if you already own one version, or three.

While the titles at launch don’t look spectacular, at the very least you can play your DS cards and make them look…funny. There is hope around the corner, I have high hopes for Dead or Alive Dimensions, Splinter Cell, Tales of the Abyss, Kid Icarus and the eventual remake of Ocarina of Time. Who knows, maybe they’ll make Angry Birds 3D.

Kotaku – Nintendo 3DS Buyer’s Guide


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