Achievements from the vault

I really, really, really like Xbox Live Achievements. I perk up whenever I hear that little blip and wait for the message to pop up (I also enjoy the chime of PSN Trophies). I really could care less about Gamerscore or earning all the achievements in a game, but whenever that alert pops up I’m quick to read the achievement description and enjoy the icon.

Achievement Unlocked

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On Kotaku’s Speak Up forum, the topic of the day is the what if achievements were in classic games, what would you be proud of?

For myself, I couldn’t help but be attracted to this idea (especially with Chrono Trigger as the splash image) with my adoration of classic RPGs and achievements. The idea has been explored before with older games being re-released on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. Games like Beyond Good & Evil, Gunstar Heroes or even evolved versions of Pac-Man and Space Invaders have each explored the idea of earning achievements on a classic game. I’d personally love to bask in the glory of secret ending unlocks in Chrono Trigger, shooting hats off guards in GoldenEye or perfect rounds of Duck Hunt.

Similarly, how about the achievements that I’ve never reached? Ultimate weapon unlocks in any Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy X I’m looking at you!), anything related to Demon’s Souls or actually getting through Battletoads without getting into a fistfight with Player 2.

Achievements are a great way to keep a player driven to play a game. They’re like little snack rewards to keep you satiated as you grind through a long game. Classic games would be a ton of fun with included achievements. Because at the end of the day, all gamers like to do is tell stories of their experiences. Achievements are concrete evidence of these gaming tales.

Kotaku – What Classic Gaming Achievements Have You Unlocked?


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