Finally got my copy of Dragon Age II (and other release updates)

Since it seems that choosing not to recognize Daylight Savings results in Hawaii being in a permanent time flux, I just received my Signature Edition of Dragon Age II.

Daylight Savings

I’ve tried to avoid reading too much on the game as I want to remain surprised. I’m a little hesitant about being restricted to the city of Kirkwall as opposed to the sprawling country of Ferelden in Origins. In any case, I’m pretty excited to dive in and experience what I hope to be another BioWare epic.

Also releasing this week are a few titles I thought I’d make note of:

Homefront (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – I was pretty intrigued by this title set in a fictional near future of 2027 in the United States following invasion from a unified North Korea. The concept itself is very gripping and taps into a lot of concerns the world has regarding North Korea. I’ve heard the campaign is short, which is disappointing but the multiplayer is supposedly very good.

Yakuza 4 (PS3) – I loved the original Yakuza. I unfortunately missed Yakuza 2 and this has caused me to have a void in Yakuza 3, of which I own the Japanese language version. The North American release of Yakuza 3 was peppered with criticism of content cuts (in the former of hostess bars). Sega looks to rectify this wrong with an essentially identical version of Yakuza 4 (which even had a live casting of models to base their hostess girls upon) that the Japanese market saw. I’m mostly hoping for lots of activities to do, a solid story and lots of nameless thugs for Kazuma Kiryu to beat down with bicycles, soda machines or whatever else happens to be lying around.

Okamiden (DS) – This really snuck up on me. I had been excited for this title as Okami was one of my favorite games for the PS2 (and another Gaming Backlog member). Hopefully puppy inspired Okamiden will benefit from a little exposure in Marvel vs. Capcom, but at the very least I expect a very solid platformer for the DS, complete with brush stroke mechanics with an actual stylus!


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